Customer questions & answers

Question:? Does it have a USA standard plug in for power?
Answer:? ? ?Yes, We can supply a USA standard plug, every machine with come withthat.

Question: What is the stroke length, how hard is it to adjust?
Answer:? ? The Stroke Lenth is about adjustable, appox: 1.18-5.9 inches (3cm~ 15cm), It's very easy to adjust the stroke length and angle, do not need any tools.

Question:? whats the stroke length?
Answer:? ? ?around 6 inches

Question:? Will it work with extra large dildos?
Answer:? ? ?Yes it will. I used it with a 12" very girthy monster. When it runs at full speed the stand will rock quite a bit and it can start to walk back. I stop that bu putting something heavy behind it. With normal sized toys, it can hold itself in place very well.

Question:? What is the torque on this item?
Answer:? ? ?The torque is, quite powerful.

Question:? ?Are the vac u lock attachments included? Or do I have to request them?
Answer:? ? ?The Vac U lock is not included

Question:? ?Hello, is there a difference in the motor between the 3 versions?
Answer:? ? ? Yes, the motor of new designed Version has been updated for a better wil not get over heated after long time use.but they all powerful and durable

Question:? ? What is different in updated version?
Answer:? ? ? ?The updated version can control the machine with remote controller ,except the speed governor.

Question:? ? Is there a warranty, and what's the ease of claiming warranty?
Answer:? ? ? ?We supply one year warranty about the machine, any damage of Parts and Components can contact with us to get help by service email

Question:? ? Instructions say to oil it after 3 months. What kind of oil do you recommend?
Answer:? ? ? ?"Any High-Temp Wheel Bearing Grease is ok, you can search the keywords :High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease on Amazon you can find what you want.
Mobil Polyrex EM Electric Motor Bearing Grease is Recommended "

Question:? ? what are the shipping package dimensions?
Answer:? ? ? ? Hi - the box I got was 22" long, 9.5" wide, and 10" high. Kinda heavy, but not awful. Great product, by the way. LOVE it!!!

Question:? ?Is shipping discreet?
Answer:? ? ? Yes, it will packed with brown box, also there is no any sensitive words on the lable:( Hismith Automatic Device ,AK-01 Series)so you won't know what actully in side, unless you open it.

Question:?? Is this machine Vac U Lock compatible?
Answer:? ? ? Ye, we sell adapter for Vac-u-lock accessory

Question:? ?Would this work on a carpeted surface or would it slide?
Answer:? ? ?This item has a nice weight,its own weight approx 15Lbs, so it can stand stably on a carpeted surface and won't slide

Question:? ?Can you tell me what the warranty is?
Answer:? ? ? We supply 1 Year warranty for the machine,and 2 years warranty for the motor

Question:? ?Where can I get extra attachments?
Answer:? ? ? you can purchase extra adapters and attachments that you need according the two websites below :

Question:? ?Is the power plug three prong or two prong?
Answer:? ? ?Hello, the power plug is a standard US Plug, it has three prongs

Question:?? how long is the power cord???
Answer:? ? ?The power cord consists of 2 parts. From the wall plug to the power converter is around 3 feet. The cord from the power converter to the machine is probably 6 feet. So overall I guess 9 or 10 feet.

Question:? ?is the speed adjustable?
Answer:? ? ?Yes. From very slow to very fast. And the nice thing is the increase is very steady and controlled by remote that has a long cord.

Question:? ?What do i need to buy for immediate use
Answer:? ? ? You don't need purchase extra attachment for immediate use, it come with a dildo

Question:? ? Does it come with remote controller?
Answer:? ? ? The Update Edition will come with a remote, and the chip intergrated in the speed controller box.