User Manual for Hismith APP controlled Sex Machine

User Manual for Hismith APP controlled Sex Machine

After reading this manual, you will have a comprehensive understanding of?Hismith APP and get more fun from APP sex machines.

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You can buy this?Hismith APP controller which has a signal receiver and a smart chip to update your Hismith(HS06, HS07, HS08, HS10, HS11, HS12, HS13, HS14, HS15, HS16, HS17, HS18, HS19, HS20) to APP version.

Table of Contents

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Scan the QR-code below, Download and install the Hismith-APP on your smartphone from the APP?Store or Google Play.?Or go to download page:

Account and Settings

Create an Account:

Enter a valid email address and choose a password. You will receive your verification code in your mailbox. Finally, check the box to agree to the terms of service and complete your registration.

Third-party log-in is supported, you can log into the Hismith-APP using Apple ID, Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

Filling out your Profile:

  • You can upload up to 6 photos.
  • Set your nickname/pseudonym.
  • Leave your voice signature.
  • Complete your personal information.

Note: Your personal information is private and safe, and not visible to other users. Your phone number will be used for account security.

Connect to Your Hismith Device

  • Open the Hismith-APP
  • Click the Bluetooth icon on the top-right corner
  • If your phone's Bluetooth function is not switched on, a pop-up will appear, asking you to allow the application to connect to your Bluetooth. Select Allow.
  • After switching on your Bluetooth function, the app will automatically look for your Hismith device. Select it, and press the "connection" button.
  • When the connection is complete, the "connection" button will turn gray and a note will appear that confirms that your app and your Hismith device are now connected. You are ready to play.


  • The app will automatically connect to your device next time you log in.

Solo Play Mode

Swipe your finger up or down the screen to adjust the speed of your device. Increase speed by swiping upwards or swipe downwards to reduce speed. Swiping can adjust the speed by up to 20% per finger. To more quickly adjust the speed, you can use additional fingers in your swiping motion.


  • Flip over your phone to immediately stop your device. Flip it screen-side up again, to resume its original speed.
  • Shake your phone to use the power boost-function (when you