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Sinloli Automatisk Sex Doll Man Onani, APP Fjärrkontroll

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  • Long-Distance Remote Control

        A masturbator with an exciting body, soft to the touch with a round manturbator and a remarkably thin waist.
        Newly developed Realistic Adult Doll Masturbator, including the Sinloli APP and remote control.

    8 built-in sucking and vibration modes

    Choose from 8 built-in sucking and vibration modes researched and developed by professionals with years of work, can be controlled by the Sinloli APP, remote, Sherry body button, feel the different level of Sherry Sex Doll, and extend the ultimate pleasure and desire.

    Use and Clean---Tips and Attention

        Only use water-based lube or condom with TPE Material before using, any other oil or cream can not be used with it.
        Sherry can be cleaned the toy thoroughly under running water. Use some toy cleaner first, then flush with water. The water should be poured slowly into her vagi cannal, which can be sucked out through the fluid release tube. You can use the suction button to more easily guide the water out, by pressing the suction button during this process. Please make sure that no water enters the air release vent. Please note that her anal is not connected to the fluid release tube. In this case you should pour the water out through her anal again after rinsing.
        Once you have finished cleaning, please wipe her with a clean, dry cloth to make sure no moisture remains, apply some baby powder on Sherry’s skin, stored in a cool, well ventilated and dry space.
        For more detailed steps, please refer to the manual carefully or reach out to the Sinloli customer support.

    Sinloli Smart Masturbator

    A smart and independent sex doll which level up your pleasure.

    Device Specifications:

        Material: TPR
        Features: Vibrating and suction
        Dual Channel: Vgia and anal
        Working Time: 90 mins±10%
        Charging Time: 180 mins ±10%, USB charger is included
        Working Voltage: DC5V
        Noise: < 55DB
        Sherry Battery Model: LDX 112540
        Remote Battery Model: AAA batteries*2 (Not included in the package)

            Free you hands
            APP + Remote + Key 3 in 1 Control
            Long-distance control of your sex doll masturbator
            Share it in the community on APP
            Researched and developed by professionals with years of work
            3D Realistic Textured Viga and Anal

    Important Maintenance Tips

            To avoid the risk of transmitted diseases and infections, please don't share this product with others.
            For hygienic purposes, it is better to use a condom and water-based lubricant whenever you play with her.
            Clean Sherry as soon as possible after using instruction book cleaning tips. Don't turn over the tunnel for cleaning.
            Dark cloth or bags will penetrate the TPE body, please do not put them together.
            TPE is sensitive to heat, so it is better to keep it from hotness.
            Don't scratch the doll with sharp items.
            Store her in a dry and cool place, away from heat sources and out of reach of children. Then, fully recharge her.
            If you feel physical discomfort or an abnormal feeling at any point in time, please stop using immediately and contact a doctor.


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Sinloli Automatisk Sex Doll Man Onani, APP Fjärrkontroll

Sinloli Automatisk Sex Doll Man Onani, APP Fjärrkontroll

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